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Our Story

Love runs in our family

Serra Restaurant is a family owned and run restaurant located in Downtown Summit.  We open Serra Restaurant on November 2019 and we are so glad to announce that we opened our Serra Doce, a coffee shop with  Portuguese and Brazilian pastries and sandwiches. 


My family immigrated from near Serra da Estrela, Portugal to São Paulo, Brazil in 1954, and subsequently to the United States in 1984.  


My family owned restaurants in Brazil and I was raised experiencing the best of homemade Portuguese and Brazilian Cuisine that I wanted to share with you.


Portuguese cuisine uses many common ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, onion, garlic and wine, and many dishes are made more savory because of their emphasis on the use of ingredients from Portugal’s former colonies throughout the world.  


Bring your family and friends to a restaurant and coffee shop that will transport you to another time and place and remind you all those good memories to make you feel special.

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